Námořní publikace NGA
Námořní publikace NGA
List of Lights On Line
List of Lights Off Line
Pub. 111 Greenland, The East Coasts of  America and the West Indies
Pub. 111 The West Coasts of America, Australia, Tasmania, New Zealand, and the Islands of the Pacific Oceans
Pub. 112 Western Pacific and Indian Oceans Including the Persian Gulf and Red Sea
Pub. 113 The West Coasts of Europe and Africa, the Mediterranean Sea, Black Sea and Sea of Azov
Pub. 114 British Isles, English Channel and North Sea
Pub. 115 Norway, Iceland and Arctic Ocean
Pub. 116 Baltic Sea with Kattegat, Belts and Sound and Gulf of Bothnia
Sailing Directions On Line

Sailing Directions Off Line
Pub. 140 North Atlantic Ocean, Baltic Sea, North Sea, and the Mediterranean Sea (Planning Guide)
Pub. 131 Western Mediterranean (Enroute)
Pub. 132 Eastern Mediterranean (Enroute)
Pub. 141 Scotland (Enroute)
Pub. 142 Ireland and the West Coast of England (Enroute)
Pub. 143 West Coast of Europe and Northwest Africa (Enroute)
Pub. 191 English Channel (Enroute)
Pub. 192 North Sea (Enroute)
Pub. 193 Skagerrak and Kattegat (Enroute)
Pub. 194 Baltic Sea (Southern Part) (Enroute)
Pub. 195 Gulf of Finland and Gulf of Bothnia (Enroute)